Need information about SMA, help!

Rein W. van der Wal roceasyw at
Wed Aug 2 12:33:03 EST 1995

To whom this may concern,

Our daughter, Ilse, of 24 months is in the Acadamic 
Hospital in Groningen, Holland. The neurologist 
of the children section certified us that she suffers
from S.M.A. (Spinale Muscular Atrophy), type II.

Type I: Illness of Werding Hoffman
Type III: Illness of Wohlfahrt Kugelberg Welander
Type II: The intermediate form.

Only 1 to 4 persons a year gets this disease in Holland.
There is little known about S.M.A. and the way how to 
cure it (if it is possible).

We want very much: information about S.M.A. to
help us fighting this, although we have little hope.
Please e-mail us at "roceasyw at".

Folkert en Fetje.

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