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>I am a grad student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver,
>Canada.  I am working with a parasitoid wasp which attacks Drosophila
>melanogaster, and as part of my research I need to understand the
>costs to drosophila larvae of burrowing deeper in the medium.  One
>must be the lower oxygen levels at depth. I would be interested in
>hearing from anyone in North America measuring 02 levels with micro-
>electrodes, who might be able to let me drop in on their lab to do
>some measurements of 02 concentrations at different depths in
>decaying fruit.


we are building O2 microelectrodes and use them to characterize the 
oxygen status and uptake rates of invertebrate digestive tracts and 
their gut microflora.  

Check for yourself is this is what you need:
Brune, A., Emerson, D., and Breznak, J. A. 1995. The termite gut 
microflora as an oxygen sink: microelectrode determination of oxygen 
and pH gradients in guts of lower and higher termites. Appl. Environ. 
Microbiol. 61(7):2681-2687

You'll probably think it's too far to travel to Germany for the 
measurements (although Lake Constance is worth the trip ;-). So you 
may want to try your luck with Dave Emerson who built the m'trodes we 
were using back then. He's still at Michigan State University.

Feel free to contact me for more info, or if you want to discuss the 


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