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Darcy Benoit darcy
Fri Aug 4 09:59:01 EST 1995

Introduction to the InfoBiotech Canada Website !!!

URL: http://www.ibc.nrc.ca/ibc/


InfoBiotech Canada is a partnership of government, private and academic sectors
with the goal of providing enhanced access to information on biotechnology in
Canada and worldwide.  Canada has a strong biotechnology research base and an
emerging industry focused on applications of biotechnology in healh care,
agriculture, enviornment, aquaculture, forestry, mining, bioinformatics,
biocomputing, molecular biotechnology, structural biotechnology, genetics,
genomes, neuroscience and many other areas.

The site contains several databases and other useful biotech information. There
are a large number of other biotech sites that have been linked to.  A search
engine provides a method for searching the sites for particular information.
Internet wide search engines are also provided to allow for internet wide

A biotech-related mailing list has also been created, allowing users to discuss
biotech issues.  

Comments about the site, both good and bad, are welcome.  Submission of URL's
is also welcome.

Darcy Benoit
ibc at nrc.ca

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