Graduate Programs

Micheal McCann mmccann at
Sat Aug 5 13:29:39 EST 1995

I have seen this discussion about not getting a Ph.D. because of an oversupply
of Ph.D.s but I have not tossed in my $0.02 until now.  In response to the
student who asked about graduate programs, etc. I would have to say be sure 
that science is really what you want to do.  Its very important that you enjoy
it since it is rather a demanding job in terms of time and effort.  If you
do some becnh work and find that it is really interesting then by all means,
get into a good graduate program and have fun.

In response to those have have said "don't do it" I would have to say that a
person has to do what they enjoy to really be satisfied.  I did not enter 
science to get rich.  I did it because its fun.  I've had a great deal of fun
working at the bench and teaching in the classroom and I do not regret my
descision at all.  If this is what a person really enjoys and wants to do than
we should not discourage them from it.  On the other hand, if money is the 
motivation than by all means look elsewhere. You wont get rich (except in 
terms of personal satisfaction) doing research. Just my two cents.

Michael McCann, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
St. Joseph's University

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