WARNING!!! (Re: Little 7 year old boy is dying (please help))

Rich Young young at cldx.com
Mon Aug 7 07:23:55 EST 1995

	This is a myth!!!  Do __NOT__ respond to this or duplicate it in
	any way.  Craig Shergold was an English boy who had cancer some
	15 years ago.  This myth continues to circulate...in this case
	by someone who apparently thinks it's funny to spam Usenet.

	IT __IS__ A MYTH.

In article <4036ko$scc at news.iadfw.net> louking at iadfw.net writes:

 >My friends at "Childrens Make a Wish Foundation" have asked anyone who
 >is willing... a favor.  Let me explain.
 >A little 7 year old boy is dying from an inoperable brain tumor and
 >has  asked one  last wish.  This little boy's wish will cost nothing
 >and will bring much happiness to him.  He wishes to receive ONE
 >MILLION GET-WELL  cards by  AUGUST 15, 1995.  If this wish comes true,
 >he will be in the Guiness Book of World Records.  Since his time on
 >this earth is so short, we feel it would be a wonderful gift is
 >everyone that receives this letter will SEND A CARD to this boy and
 >FORWARD THIS LETTER to as many people as you think of hoping that they
 >will do the same.  I am hoping that this letter will travel many miles
 >through many states and countries so that this boy will be flooded
 >with cards of well wishes.  The cards can be handmade or purchases as
 >long as it is a GET-WELL CARD.
 >His name is Craig Shirgold.  He lives in Keene, NH.  Please help this
 >child's  WISH COME TRUE!
 >	Craig Shirgold
 >	c/o  Childrens MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION
 >	32 Perimeter Center East
 >	Atlanta, GA 30346
 >(The Atlanta office is best staffed to receive the influx of mail)
 >PLEASE FORWARD THIS LETTER to anyone you can think of...anywhere in
 >the WORLD!  REMEMBER.  All cards must be POSTMARKED bt August 15.


- Rich Young

(Hostile e-mail may be publicly posted.  You have been warned.)

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