looking for good molbio text.

Mary Karczewski mk32e at nih.gov
Wed Aug 9 10:15:04 EST 1995

don at glibm5.cen.uiuc.edu (Don A. Walthers) wrote:
>as the subject says, i'm looking for a book other than genes V by
>lewin. i used it for a class and i thought it was a horrible text.
>all of the oversized, rediculous looking diagrams made me too 
>embarrassed to even open the book up in public. genes iv is fairly
>good but i'd like something more up to date.
>thanks for any help

Try Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al (the latest edition).
I'm a grad student and it is one of my most useful textbooks.
Hope this helps!

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