HIV Protease Inhibitor for Hire

Greg Greg
Tue Aug 8 20:05:04 EST 1995


I have spent the last 8 months designing an HIV-Protease 1 inhibitor, and was successful at designing a structure 
with a better binding energy then the DuPont-Merck Cyclic Urea Inhibitor as tested on five available from 
x-ray crystal structures of this enzyme.   GN213 is a cyclic, highly constrained diol which is specific to the flaps' water molecule,
all four pockets and both catalitic aspartates.  

I've spoken with some synthetic Ph.D. chemists at San Francisco State University and they say that the synthesis should be trivial
although don't seem to be that excited about making it.

Does anyone (please!) know where I can test the binding constant, toxicity, e.t.c. once I have completed the synthesis?
I'd like to work on this project further during my Ph.D.. Does anyone know someone I can talk to about it? 

Please reply inthis news group or e-mail me at:

nudelman at        or

nudelma at

In advance eternaly greatful,

Greg Nudelman

P.S. Genencor Intl., a company where I have a summer internship, makes detergent enzymes and refuses to deal with pharmaceuticals.

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