Help! Salmonella in sewage sludge

AllenO1363 alleno1363 at
Tue Aug 8 19:03:45 EST 1995

Dear Patrick,

I do not believe that in a well run treatment plant that salmonella would
be threat.  First of all, all pathogens should have been destroyed in the
digestion process.  Second, if the sludge (or biosolids as we prefer to
call it now) sat out in the open for a period of days or weeks, I would
_expect_ to find salmonella on it that would have grown on it out in the
open feeding on the organix material.  I mean, if salmonella can grow on
your food sitting on the kitchen counter, why would you not expect to find
it in a field?

I would urge you to get a copy of the following publication from a recent
US conference.  It is "The 4th Joint WEF and AWWA Conference on Biosolids
and Residuals Management"  It is a compilation of the abstract of all
papers  presented at the confernce in July 1995 and is qiute complete. 
You may contact the Water Environment Federation at 601 Wythe Street,
Alexandria, Virginia, 22314-1994 and ask for this document.  This should
help you if you do not mind some very technical reading.

Allen Oertel

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