looking for good molbio text.

Dr. M.C. Diffin mdiffin at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Aug 9 14:13:08 EST 1995

>Try Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al (the latest edition).
>I'm a grad student and it is one of my most useful textbooks.
>Hope this helps!

I endorse this wholeheartedly. An excellent, well-written account. When I was a
(medical) undergraduate we used it for cell biology and found it an excellent
introduction to other fields such as immunology and neurophysiology. It's also

Which reminds me, in biochemistry I made some use of Watson et al. _The
Molecular Biology of the Gene_. I *personally* did not like it as well, but
perhaps it offers more detail to a graduate class. In this case I have no idea
what the newer edition is like, but I seem to recall that a very reasonable
student edition was available when I was younger.

If you are teaching bacterial genetics an excellent introduction, IMHO, is Dale
(1989) The Molecular Genetics of Bacteria. Maybe a little dated, but fun.

Michael Diffin
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