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Wed Aug 9 14:05:43 EST 1995

>Hi, does anyone know of a any job opportunity for a biostatistician (M.S. 
>in Biostatistics)? Any information will be appreciated. :)
Not sure what the opportunities are (or will be) in your area, but I was at a
seminar recently regarding the Human Genome Mapping Project, specifically a
technique known as 'radiation hybridisation' where good statistical analysis is

If the HGMP ever gets the funding it should, I should imagine quite a few
positions would become available calling for your expertise or to which you
would easily adapt. 

Perhaps I should say that I receive no money from the project! Also, there is
nothing parochial in my attitude - it is (and in some respects must be) an
international endeavour.

Commercial over. Another thing which occurs to me is medical epidemiology. 

Also, in Cambridge, we have statistical experts with biological experience who
advise anyone from undergraduates to professors on how best to organise
experiments to clinical trials. As you will appreciate better than I, the
sooner a statistician gets in on the act the better!

I imagine you were seeking specific opportunities but there's nothing to stop
you advertising yourself, especially on the relevant INTERNET sites!  
Michael Diffin
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