Help: Biochemistry Labs

Steve Bottomley ibottoml at
Wed Aug 9 05:07:40 EST 1995

We are planning to develop a new practical laboratory class in 
biochemistry and we wondered if anyone can help.  The biochemistry 
course in question is a comprehensive second year unit targeted for 
biomedical scientists as part of a molecular genetics degree 
(microbiology or protein chemistry majors).  The experimental emphasis 
will be placed on protein and nucleic acid structure and function but 
will also include a metabolic component.

Rather that reinventing the wheel, we thought that it would be sensible 
to review as many existing practical courses as possible - pick out the 
best experiments or demonstrations from each - and incorporate them into 
our practicals.
Obviously, we would acknowledge any contribution we adopt from those 
courses we review. We would also supply a completed copy of our changed 
laboratory course to the suppliers of those courses we review. This 
would be a useful reference document in itself, because it would be the 
culmination of a systematic, and analytic, review of many other 
practical courses. 

We are eager to begin the review as soon as possible by e-mail on 
ibottom at We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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