Salary & travel funding sought

David Levinson levinson at
Wed Aug 9 22:03:12 EST 1995

I am posting this for a colleague who does not have usenet access.  
Please reply to him directly.  Any comments or suggestions would be 
appreciated.  Thanks.


     I am interested in obtaining partial support of academic-year salary,
and support for modest travel expenses during a sabbatical, which is
scheduled for the 1996-97 academic year.  Guggenheim Fellowships are the
only foundation support that I am presently aware of for these purposes,
and I would welcome suggestions of other private foundations that may
support such expenses.  I am a recently-tenured associate professor (my
first sabbatical) in the Department of Biology at Lake Forest College, a
small four-year liberal arts college. I will be conducting basic
biological research while on leave. Briefly, the specific area of research
is an elucidation of correlations between organismal levels of performance
(oxygen uptake rate, carbon dioxide output rate, and ammonia excretion
rate) and multiple locus genotypes in clonal sea anemones. I hope to gain
an understanding of how strongly associated these rates are with genetic
constitution. A venue for the planned research has been arranged already,
based on expertise of a collaborating scientist at his home institution. I
welcome all suggestions for funding for these purposes. 

William E. Zamer,
zamer at

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