Headland Technologies video card

John Piper jpiper at MARLIN.UTMB.EDU
Fri Aug 11 11:10:00 EST 1995


	I recently came across an old video card and am trying to find out
more information about it.  It is made by Headland Technology and I 
believe that the chipset number is HT209/D.  The video bios chips and 
the date stamped onto the card itself suggest that this card was 
manufactured sometime in 1991.  I have tried relentlessly to contact 
Headland Technology, but I think that they are out of business.  I am 
mainly looking for the proper video drivers for Windows 3.11.  This 
card appears to have VRAM on it, so I am thinking that it may have 
been a powerful card at one time (anything is better than my 
incredibly slow onboard, unaccelerated video card).  If anyone has 
information about this card or the company that manufactured it, I 
would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  Please respond directly 

				Thanks in advance for your help, 

					John Piper 
 John Piper		john.piper at utmb.edu
         University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston

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