looking for good molbio text.

Hans Beernink hbeernin at med.uvm.edu
Fri Aug 11 17:28:02 EST 1995

Don A. Walthers (don at glibm5.cen.uiuc.edu) wrote:
: as the subject says, i'm looking for a book other than genes V by
: lewin. i used it for a class and i thought it was a horrible text.
: all of the oversized, rediculous looking diagrams made me too 
: embarrassed to even open the book up in public. genes iv is fairly
: good but i'd like something more up to date.
: thanks for any help

I'd say that both the "Mol-bio of the Gene/Cell" texts are not good for a 
general molbio text (if you didn't like Genes V, then you'll hate the 
other two..).  Personally, I'd prefer a class taught from the literature 
(original sources of methods, etc.) but if you don't want to invest the 
time required for this, I'd recommend Moran, Scrimgeour, Horton, Ochs, 
and Rawn, _Biochemistry_ as a general reference.  Unlike the title, the 
book focuses mostly on molecular biology (and, BTW, is only mediocre as a 
biochem text).  I'm not sure as to what type of detail you want (Genes IV 
was pretty detailed), but this text is pretty general.  It does contain 
lots of cartoons too, if that really bothers you.  Best bet?- invest the 
time to teach from the literature...

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