Would you like to drive & ultimately own any car of your choice?

Juha Sipinen juhas at mini.mdata.fi
Sat Aug 12 09:50:58 EST 1995

LIFESTYLE 2000 (tm) is the Freedom to Choose ...

     Would you like to drive & ultimately own any car of your choice?

          The car is taxed, comprehensively insured with 24 hour
          breakdown and all normal servicing/maintaining. There
          are also many other benefits of membership.

          We have the backing of a solid company (New Horizons)
          with a tremendous vision for the future. It's a brand
          new company and they have many new and innovative
          products and ideas. You win:

            - by getting vital information for life in the 90's
            - by driving the car of your choice
            - by using free mobile phones with free connection
            - by taking the opportunity to build your own
              business and releasing the genius within you.

          Lifestyle 2000 is an amazing opportunity all by itself.
          For details send me USD $2 for postage and handling:

                           Mr Juha Sipinen
                           Pohjantahdentie 2 B 9
                           FIN-00740 Helsinki
                           FINLAND (Europe)

          The company have not just created a "Car Plan", but a
          real business opportunity that offers you income and
          products not available anywhere else ...

            - The most powerful prestige car system ever seen
            - Massive earnings potential on membership programme
            - Personal improvement and development training
              material from the world's leading experts

                       "What the mind can conceive,
                       and believe, it can achieve."

                                     Andrew Carnegie

                         PASS ON IF NOT INTERESTED

Yours sincerely, New Horizons
Juha Sipinen

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