Ethics in Genetically engineering insulin

Ken Dawber ken at
Sun Aug 13 05:42:40 EST 1995

A friend of mine (Dr K Pun) who hasn't an internet connection, has
asked me to try and find information on the following topic.  Although
I have tried the various search engines I have so far had little luck,
this may be due to my own lack of medical knowledge.    I would
appreciate it if anyone can help me with references relating to the

Is there any information or references on the following?:

- Ethics involved in genetically engineering human insulin.

- Biological implications of genetic engineering to produce human

P.S.  In my search I noticed that there was a news group called
bionet.cellbiol.insulin    My server does not keep this group.  Is
there any place that I can get access this news group?

Thanks in advance for your help


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