FS: LEITZ microscope & STAHL xy positioning table - microsco [01/01]

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Subject: FS: Laser guided   LEITZ  Microscopes    with    STAHL    x,y Positioner Tables
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3 LEITZ "Ergolux" Series Laser Microscopes
   (complete with lenses)
  Catalog # MPVSP-056603
  Serial # 1700-213 (series)

3 STAHL Model# 576  Lamp Power Supplies

3 Stahl Model# 517MF  X,Y Micro Positioning Controllers / Tables

    These microscopes were used in our clean room for the QC 
of manufactured microchips (percision micro electronic devices).
    These complete units are LIKE NEW !!!! and are available for 
IMMEDIATE purchase, each of the three systems cost us over 

    We will entertain offers on a first come basis. If you have the 
slightest interest call us NOW!! We need to sell them before weeks 

    Systems can be viewed, they are located in Upstate New York area.

    These units must be sold to raise working capitol ASAP. 

    1-516-447-1041 (24 hours Voice)
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