Where do these animals live?

STACY LEAH SCOTT slscott at sfsu.edu
Wed Aug 16 00:24:32 EST 1995

Kevin Marks (Kevin at mmcorp.com) wrote:
: I'm trying to track down ranges for the following animals - preferably
: with world-wide coverage.

: Common Name           Genus                 Species

: golden hamster        Mesocricetus          auratus

	I believe the domestic golden hamster is descended from
        one family of 13 discovered in Asia Minor in the 1930s.

: guinea pig            Cavia                 tschudii
	These are native to the Andes.

: carp                  Cyprinus              carpio
	These are Eurasian in origin -- probably evolved in Asia
	Minor, and then spread both east and west.  They've been
	introduced around the world, however, in the domesticated

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