Where do these animals live?

Kevin Marks Kevin at mmcorp.com
Tue Aug 15 19:02:33 EST 1995

I'm trying to track down ranges for the following animals - preferably
with world-wide coverage.
Does anyone have any pointers to useful information on where they live?
So far I've drawn a blank on the textbooks avaialable at my local
University library.

Common Name           Genus                 Species

golden hamster        Mesocricetus          auratus
gerbil                Gerbillus             campestris
African mole-rat      Tachyoryctes          splendens
guinea pig            Cavia                 tschudii
paradise flycatcher   Terpsiphone           viridis
Oriental white-eye    Zosterops             palpebrosa
desert salamander     Batrachoseps          aridus
paradoxical frog      Pseudis               paradoxa
edible frog           Rana                  esculenta
Seychelles tree frog  Tachycnemis           seychellensis
arapiam               Arapaima              gigas
carp                  Cyprinus              carpio
reticulated toadfish  Arothron              reticularis
deep sea ugly fish    Melanocetus           jhonsonsii

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