engineered seed on brackish soil

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Wed Aug 16 12:46:28 EST 1995

USAID is putting together a long range strategy in Jamaica for the 
next 20 years.  We would appreciate if anyone has the information 
about applying genetically engineered seeds to brackish soil. 

(1) Will genetically engineered seeds be available to grow on land 
that is getting more brackish over the next 20 years?

(2) Will it be recommended to try to make the soil less 
brackish?  Or is this impossible?  Or is this an irrelevant task, if 
genetically engineered plants are availble within the next 20 years?

Crops grown in Jamaica are: sugar, banana, vegetables, coconuts, 
papaya, and other agricultural exports from tropical Caribbean 

Please respond via email to me with cc to intern at
as I am not able to read the newsgroup often.


Fumiaki Kamiya

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