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Fri Aug 18 10:43:13 EST 1995

It is amazing how many shallow minded people *and superficial "thinkers"*
are involved in one or more branches of environmentalism.  For instance, many
proudly voice their anti-racist sentiments. This is a direct contridiction of
the laws of Nature they so vehemently support. What is going on here? Do they
not understand the building blocks of the Natural world are cast from "racism,"
or *specie(ism)* as it should properly be called?  Specieism, is not only a
Natural law but the FIRST Law of Nature. Specieism is the Beginning and the End,
the Purpose and Meaning of Life *ALL life* in an uncorrupted  environment. The
end result of this Natural Driving Force is the whole of our biosphere, the
*Heart and Soul* of Mother Nature herself. NOTHING but the Natural force of
*specieism* makes our biosphere work. The only Purpose of ANY specie is its
struggle to stay alive AND pass on its genetic material for the continuation of
its Kind. While doing this, the specie fulfills other Natural "duties" as well.
These duties, in combination with the duties fulfilled by all specie, bring into
existence Mother Earth's very complex and exciting biosphere, where life will be
short for the slow, the unable, or the unwilling, when the time to Kill may come
quickly, with the most intelligent and stout-hearted ordinarily being the

If all those Natural "racist" in the Wild suddenly lost that specieist drive,
as many environmentalist and others have done, Earth's biosphere would come to
an end, it would DIE. It could be called a natural death Unless the specie had
been *forced or manipulated* into doing the unnatural. Many claim Concern and/or
Outrage over modern mans destructive attitude toward the Natural world, yet they
postulate the most stupid and shallow-minded of All unnatural thoughts that only
lead to Death of a specie or sub/specie, by taking the Anti-Specieist position.
This is a "Jekyll and Hyde" attitude.  THINK About It.  In today's world of
artificial thought, the less corrupt mind is the less "educated" mind. However,
those with higher levels of Natural instincts and perceptions will only be
temporarily misdirected from the effects of their daily diet of unnatural
thoughts fed to them by "system" advocates in religion, education, media, and
eco/Darwinist business institutions. Foolish, stupid or idiotic postulations
come from people with VERY low levels Natural instincts and perceptions, which
are unfortunately a biological impediment beyond their control. This impediment
only allows them access to very shallow thinking. This low-level "access" is
also the reason they are very short-sighted and narrow-minded. It is also
unfortunate the system encourages them to believe by becoming "educated" they
will be "smart" and have the ability to make independent and complex decisions
on matters outside the realm of mathematical fact.  But then again, that is
exactly the kind of people the system wants - a bloodless system clone.
                                _EARTH ABIDES_

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