Cerebrovascular Circulation Modelling Software?

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>   Hello,
>        Does anyone know if there is a cerebrovascular circulation modelling
>   kit (human brain) available? I wonder if such a program exists - one that
>   show changes in regional circulation due to stenosis, atrophy, stroke,
>   mass shifts, etc. 
>        Is there any rudimentary software that may be modified for this
>                 Your comments and ideas are greatly appreciated,
>                                 Thank you in advance, Ketan.
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I don't think that there software to simulate cerebral circulation, but
there are numerous papers published that deal with cerebral autoregulation
and its mathematical interpretation. Also, there are a few articles about
stenoses and angioma as well as a FE aproach to brain edema. Normally, the
methods are well described and you can use it together with 'standard'
modelling software such as EXTEND from Imagine That.
Check MEDLINE for modelling or mathem* - you will find what's necessary.

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