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: <>Subject: Re: LIFE DUTY AND DEATH ][ On this subject, james at amber.biology.gatec-
: <> (James McIninch)  Said:> This garbage has nothing to do with biology.
: <>Kindly keep it off the bionet.* newsgroups.<
: GARBAGE??....This is a response one would expect to come from someone born with
: LOW Level Natural Instincts and Perceptions. By your own initiative, you have
: now become an object of public study. You are a classic example of an educated
: idiot, i.e., an educated person possessing only *low level* Natural Instincts and
: Perceptions (NIP). 

You don't happen to be a vitamin salesman, do you? Do you sell any NIP 
supplements? I eat a lot of vegetables, but cooked, so I don't know how 
much NIP I get from my diet.

: [Their] high capacity organic "hardDrives" 

Hey! Hey! Hey! This is not the place to start talking about our organic 

: are capable of
: storing vast amounts of information (words), his *knowledge* either uttered or
: written by others, and accepted by him as "golden truths" due to his inability
: to question things independently, or perceive through observation, anything more
: than superficial details which may or may not be correct. 

So, then if I "question things independently" and come up with sophomoric 
drivel like this, that's still better than accepting the "`golden 
truths'" of smart people?

: Using the Afpha, Beta,
: and Omega NIP scale, he is bottom-barrel omega. 

Is there maybe one pill that I could buy from you that has "Afpha" [sic], 
Beta, _and_ Omega NIPs in it? A powder would be OK, if I could dissolve 
it in milk, or something.

: He can mask his natural short-
: comings through education, but these short-comings will become obvious under any
: sort of pressure. 

Whereas you are generously willing to display your short-comings when 
nobody has bothered to ask you. NIPpy, indeed!

[snip -- a different, sane person is quoted at length]

: From many people words flow quickly and smoothly, with a ring of authority which
: leaves non-thinkers impressed upon hearing such knowledgable people. 

Whereas the perspicatious ones are impressed by slow, clunky words, with 
a ring of idiocy.

: They never
: wonder if the expressed "knowledge" is correct or not. Mother Nature will endure
: the stupidity of man only to a point. _Earth Abides_ 

Wasn't this part of a margarine commercial at one point?

Laughing too hard to continue,


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"The man who finds his homeland sweet is still a tender beginner;
he to whom every soil is as his native one is already strong; but
he is perfect to whom the entire world is as a foreign land."
				-- Hugh of St. Victor

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