life duty and death

PaalEirik paaleirik at
Sun Aug 20 00:12:04 EST 1995

The point made about genetic decay (so to speak) is at least proven by the
european royal families who, isolated from the rest of the european
fell into 'inbreeding' and became unstable physically and mentally.
The Nietzschean colony of Nueva Germania/ New Germany in Paraguay
South America brought with it in the early 20th century only a limited
of people whose offspring now are more deformed, and by their limited
of mates correlate to the longer-term decay of Greenland's Norse Folk
(985-1500 ce) who in their thousands left little by 1500 of any original
either inbred with Eskimo, dead of malnutrition, or off to the west in

Limited colonies of racial specimens will eventually die off from genetic
and Europe's identities, more than its racial structures or substructures,
in variation blends of the Kelt, Goth, Slav, Latin/Italic and other

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