Accessing "Is a Genome Like a Computer Program"

Gary Welz gwelz at
Sun Aug 20 21:31:38 EST 1995

A few weeks ago I announced the online publication of my article "Is a 
Genome Like a Computer Program" in <I>The X Advisor</I>.  At that time I 
gave a URL for the article.  Since my posting <I>The X Advisor</I> has 
begun requiring readers to subscribe and obtain a password to see all 
articles.  Subscription for the online version is free. (A print version 
is also available for a reasonable charge.) 

You can subscribe to <I>The X Advisor</I> and see my article by going to 
"" which is The X 
Advisor Issue #2 Table of Contents page, and filling out a simple form.  
Subscribing is free and instantaneous.  Then you can then scroll down 
the page and view the article in my monthly column which is called 
"Peripheral Visions."  

My apologies to all who tried to access the article but were unable to 
get into it.


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