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>>Your urgent help is needed.  Rep Randy Cunningham has introduced a bill
>>which will allow the killing of dolphins in the catching of tuna,
>>amending the Marine Mammal Protection Act and repealing the law
>>requiring dolphin safe tuna labels.  For a copy of a nationwide
>>petition which Save the Dolphins is urgently asking you sign (and ask
>>your friends to sign) please e-mail.  Sept 12th is the date set for the
>>hearing on this matter.
>>Thank you
>>Tom Yarborough
>>Save the Dolphin Foundation 

Just out of curiosity, what is the motivation for the repeal? And what do
you want the biological community to doto help? It is not clear from your

>Save the wails.

Eh? I wasn't aware that this was a contentious issue. Or is this merely an
irreverent remark?

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