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>>Subject: dragon-flies
>>Date: 20 Aug 1995 12:28:19 GMT
>>My question is whether dragon-flies can sting?
>No, they cannot.

But they can _bite_, which they might do if you extremely harass them.

I have the following follow-up question.
My mother claims that while working "in" our little gardenpond,
she disturbed an apparently egg-laying female, which subsequently
seemed to attack her in a "dive-bombing" like way (much like some
birds try to chase other animals getting too close to a nest). I
should add that my mom was at that time removing extraneous leaves
from a waterlily, on which the fly was egg-laying.
I find it difficult to believe this, but then it _would_ make sense -
and most dragonflies seem large and capable enough to scare away at
least the smaller mammals and birds.
Any opinions/facts?

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