Dishwashing - recommended machines - problems?

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: ul Wakenight) writes:
: >Are there any resources for industrial dishwashers that would be
: >cheaper than the ones Fisher/VWR, etc sell?  Also, what are your
: >criteria for clean, mol-bio ready glassware?  I have a tendency to
: >be paranoid, but maybe everyone is.  Thanks in advance for opinions,
: >etc.
: Hello Paul - I am the assistant buyer for VWR and Fisher products at my
: University, depending on how your account is set up with those two vendors,
: there are no vendors cheaper than those two.... check with your purchasing dept.
: and ask them what kind of terms you are on with VWR and Fisher ... most likely,
: you are getting the best deal possible.
Although Fisher is often the cheapest, it is not always true.  I generally buy
from Fisher, mostly because they are resonably priced for most things and
I like the one stop shopping.  (Also note that most institutions get 
a discounted price on most items, esp. Fisher brand, upto 60% of catalog 
price I find).  However, for large orders of single supplies and
equipment more than, say $1000, I'd look around.  A prof here who goes through
_lots_ of pipette tips and gloves has found venders that are cheaper than
fisher/vwr.  Our purchasing department bid an autoclave out and saved 
almost $6000 from the Fisher quote.


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