CGAT Bioinformatics Support Services

Tue Aug 22 22:20:16 EST 1995

In article <410ejg$d1b at>, burkep at cgat.BCH.UMontreal.CA (Peter Burke)
>The Canadian Genome Analysis and Technology (CGAT) Program is pleased to
>announce the public opening of the CGAT Bioinformatics Support Services
>The CGATBSS was initiated to:
>     * facilitate the dissemination of CGAT program information
>     * improve communications within the CGAT grantee community and the
>       Canadian and international genomics community in general
>     * provide bioinformatics technical support to CGAT researchers
>     * create a pool of volunteer experts for search and analysis assistance
>     * develop educational material for researchers to help understand data
>       formats and software

                Your feedback is always welcome.

Dear Dr. Burke, Here is some feedback. Many Canadians for a decade or more
have been involved in Genome Analysis. We may not have formally applied to be
members of the "GCAT grantee community", or our applications may have been
rejected. The CGAT program is exclusive in that there is an "in" group, which
can look to you for "bioinformatics technical support", and an "out" group
which cannot. This is another example of the tragedy of the deliberate
Balkanization of the Canadian genome analysis community by the Canadian
Research Councils, which have fostered "networks of centres of excellence"
excellence" (meaning centres of specialization). Your announcement of the
"public" opening is appropriate, since it is the Canadian "public" which
supports your efforts. I would encourage you, however, to strive to make
the CGAT program inclusive of ALL Canadian genome workers.

                             Sincerely, Don Forsdyke

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