ISO: Cricket chirps = temperature?

Carlisle Landel landel at helios
Wed Aug 23 14:32:59 EST 1995

>>From: peter.rondina at (Peter Rondina)
>>Subject: ISO: Cricket chirps = temperature?
>>Date: 21 Aug 1995 07:48:39 GMT
>>There's a formula I've forgotten that uses the # of cricket chirps in x
>>amount of time, does one or more calculations on it, to yield the temperature.
>>Anybody know it?

I remember *part* of it.  Temp in degrees F is the number of chirps in
13 seconds plus a constant that *might be* 40.  Anyway, you could 
wander outside with a thermometer and a stopwatch and figure it out
from here, if you want.

Then you can let us know the real answer!


Carlisle Landel

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