science for hire: A QUERY

Julie Titone JulieT at
Wed Aug 23 19:42:54 EST 1995

In a climate of some hot Northwest environmental issues (salmon, bull 
trout, forest protection), I'm planning to write a newspaper article
about hired-gun scientists, ...  people who work under contract, or on
payroll for special interests. Does their work unduly influence
politicians, or add valuable perspective? Do m/any of them manage to
retain the respect of their peers in government and academia?  Know
anybody who's left the employ of a special interest because s/he
couldn't handle it? Ever heard of research or surveys that were not
released because the industry or environmental group that sponsored them
didn't like the results? I welcome any leads, observations or ideas.

My name is Julie Titone; I work for The Spokesman-Review of Spokane
(Wash.) and Coeur d'Alene (Idaho).  I'd like to have responses by Sept.
5, via e-mail (JulieT at or phone, 800-344-6718 or
208-765-7126.  My fax is 208-765-7149.

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