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Jim C. trinet at
Thu Aug 24 04:38:29 EST 1995

This is a press release to announce a new Online network to increase 
the awareness of medical equipment, instruments, products, and 
services.  It is the MedInstrument Network.  Hospitals, biomedical 
researchers, clinics, and distributors can access the MedInstrument 
Network free to locate their medical product needs whether it's 
pacemakers or mRNAs.  The MedInstrument Network can be accessed at:

I believe the medical industry has come a long way in integrating the 
benefits of the information superhighway to its fullest potential.  
At the tremendous rate that the internet is growing, I believe that a 
network like this is needed to provide an organization of all the 
manufacturers for the medical industry.  The MedInstrument Network 
contains a growing database of manufacturers that supply almost any 
medical-related products and services.  

My goal is to house all medical companies under one roof in order to 
facilitate the healthcare professional and allow them more time for 
life-saving matters.  As a student doctor, I understand that time is 
precious and would like to see healthcare professionals and 
researchers take advantage of this service.  If there are companies 
that are related to the medical or healthcare field and would like to 
make a presence on the internet, please visit our site or send e-mail 
to Trinet at for more information.

My purpose is not to charge outrageous fees to deter medical 
companies away from the internet, but to facilitate the presence of 
the medical industry on the internet by providing the lowest 
guaranteed rate.

|MedInstrument Network		e-mail: Trinet at   |
|P.O. Box 8347			FAX: (702) 425-2416            |
|Reno, NV  89507  |

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