Survival of who?

The Druid Druid at
Wed Aug 23 23:51:57 EST 1995

carterb at (Deep Throat) wrote:
>	There is no doubt that Darwin's theory concerning the survival of the
>fittest is correct when applied to organisms living in nature, but it
>loses all of its integrity when applied to humans living in today's
>society's. The reason that the theory works in nature is because the
>natural world is an aesthetically pleasing place where there is no
>pity or compassion or emotion. Species exist to the best of their
>abilities, and should they die off, it's just as well, because they
>were not properly suited to their environment. If a particular
>organism is born with an advantage, it will prosper and flourish, if
>it is born with a cripple, it will perish and not reproduce. That is
>the beauty of the natural world.
>	However in human societies, we treat everyone as equal and go out of
>our way to aid the helpless in extending their lives and leading a
>normal life. Some have guessed that in thousands of years, humans will
>have evolved huge brains or will look very different then they do
>today. This will not occur, because should a freak with a larger brain
>be born, he will be treated like everyone else and not reap the
>benefits of his advantage. Likewise, should a man be born with only
>one kidney, or some other defect, he would live to pass this trait
>onto his children and future generations. That is the problem with
>human evolution. Unless things change, human's may evolve in negative
>ways, and we may not become the creatures we would like to be.
>What do YOU think?
>Brad Carter          
>carterb at
>Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I think if you reflect on the evolution  of the human species over the 
past several thousand years, you will realize that it is not man's 
intelligence which has advanced but woman's beauty. So Darwinism applied 
to the human species would dictate "survival of the more beautiful". 
Unfortunately, man's thoughts have focused on justification and ways to 
kill his fellow man.

Keep your thoughts beautiful and you too will have a chance to survive.

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