Cloning--a novel idea

Paul Linehan linehan at
Thu Aug 24 11:24:37 EST 1995

 Mature Human RED blood cells do not contain nuclei and therefore not
DNA. Blood is composed of many types of cells (B and T lymphycytes, Macrophages
&c.) in differing stages of maturity. Of course you can get DNA from blood.

As for the time, that's more or less anyone's guess.

> My question is: how long can the DNA in
> dried blood last if it is protected by a layer of bee's wax inside a metal
> (silver) cup?  The cup has been buried in the desert of a Middle East
> country.

Are you trying to clone Jesus? from the cup of the last supper?

Very dodgy stuff... Fatwahs and all that. 

It might make for a good read on the train. One word of advice. If you can
think up storylines like this, worrying about the finer points of DNA
conservation is one of the lesser criticisms you will have to worry about.



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