Cloning--a novel idea

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> On 24 Aug 1995, RYTR33 wrote:
> > I am involved in writing a novel that explores the aspect of cloning an
> > individual from preserved blood.  My question is: how long can the DNA in
> > dried blood last if it is protected by a layer of bee's wax inside a metal
> > (silver) cup?  The cup has been buried in the desert of a Middle East
> > country.  Thanks in advance for your time.
> > 
> > Joe Moore
> > 
> > 
> I am not a biologist, but have heard that 
> human blood cells DO NOT contain DNA.
> Suggest you check this first before going
> to Jurassic Park variation.
> Alex Berezin  

Human erythrocytes do not contain DNA, correct.  Other cells found in blood do.

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