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>> Anyone know where I can get information about protein UK101? 
>> (preferably via the net...)
>> Many thanks
>> Bob
>You will need to know more about it than UK101 but 
>is a good place to start looking
>You can use SRS (Sequence Retrieval System)
>to search The EMBL Nucleotide Database and SwissProt Protein Database
>along with many others.

According to a recent article about UK101 in "L'Espresso" magazine here in
Italy (issue n. 33, 18th August 1995) the sequence of the protein has not
been deposited in any of the scientific databanks. The article said that
when they asked Alberto Bartorelli, the discoverer of the substance, why he
has not yet done this he replied that it was because of the ongoing
national and international patenting procedure.

To the original poster, if you want more information about UK101 you might
try calling the Italian Health Ministry here in Rome. Their telephone
number is (+)39-659-941. It may be useful to know that public office hours
in Italy are usually 9am-1pm and 4:30pm-6:30pm local time. The article in
"L'Espresso" did say however that for the time being the ministry has only
authorised the use of UK101 for treating terminally-ill patients.

As far as scientific references are concerned apparently the only published
information is a series of three articles by Bartorelli in the Journal of
Tumor Marker Oncology, issue 3 of 1994. This seems to be a rather
hard-to-find journal and I don't have a copy of it. Note also that
Bartorelli is one of the editorial staff of the journal. ;-)


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