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"Matthias Zeiner" <mzei at> wrote:
>On Thu, 24 Aug 95 11:48:51 GMT, Remco Kaashoek wrote:
>>Which animal/creature has most eyes of all?
>To my knowledge it's Argus. He had 100 eyes but unfortunately he was killed 
>by Hermes long time ago. I don't know what the actual situation is. 
>>Is there any animal with only one eye?
>Of course. Cyclops have only one eye.
>Hope this helps
>Matthias Zeiner

Seriously, some scallops make a pass for being "argo": they have tiny eyes
all along their mantle's periphery. There is also a "cyclop" arthropod that
has a single "scanner" eye: a single vertical row of ommatidia that it sweeps
left/right. For all kinds of information on eyes, check the work of Mike Land
and T.S. Collett.

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