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> dannie hawkins (71726.3204 at CompuServe.COM) writes:
> > ... Imagine *average* modern white children (if circumstances demanded)
> > having to compete for food (or their lives) with ANY of the so-called
> > primitive children. For that matter, even inner city children would leave
> > then in their dust.
> This reveals a piss-poor understanding of how survival of the fittest
> operates.  AMONG OTHER THINGS, the ability to co-operate, as well as
> maintain strong family ties, is one of the characteristics that is
> routinely selected FOR in breeding.
> Do you really believe that White parents would just abandon their children
> as soon as they popped out of the womb?
> > If a world-wide crisis came Now, famine etc., the majority of whites (young
> > and old) in the more "sophisticated" areas would die. Chief Bigbrain will not
> > save then.
> Perhaps not, but "Chief Bigbrain" will sure give them an edge on survival.
> (snip - diatribe about "Brainism" deleted)
> Les
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> Freedom isn't free.
> Free men aren't equal.
> Equal men aren't free.
*******   This string has rapidly disintegrated into a racist forum of 
political views and "haves" vs. "have nots".  I don't think this is the 
appropriate news group for this ranting.   ********

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