Cloning--a novel idea

Stacy Ferguson sferguso at
Thu Aug 24 13:30:40 EST 1995

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Alexander Berezin <berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA> wrote:
>On 24 Aug 1995, RYTR33 wrote:
>> I am involved in writing a novel that explores the aspect of cloning an
>> individual from preserved blood.  My question is: how long can the DNA in
>> dried blood last if it is protected by a layer of bee's wax inside a metal
>> (silver) cup?  The cup has been buried in the desert of a Middle East
>> country.  Thanks in advance for your time.
>> Joe Moore
>I am not a biologist, but have heard that 
>human blood cells DO NOT contain DNA.
>Suggest you check this first before going
>to Jurassic Park variation.
>Alex Berezin  

Yes and no. Human red blood cells don't have nuclei (and therefore
no DNA) but the white blood cells do. Unless the blood was intentionally
separated, there'd be plenty of DNA there.


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