Cloning--a novel idea

glover martin gwmartin at
Fri Aug 25 13:48:45 EST 1995

matkisso at wrote:
: >> 
: > Human erythrocytes do not contain DNA, correct.  Other cells found 
: > in blood do.

: Point of curiosity:  Unless some rare circulating stem cell happened to be
: present, wouldn't the B and T cell DNA in the blood belong to committed cells
: whose antigen recognition repertoire has been determined?  Presuming you could
: clone the whole individual human, is it reasonable to think the clone would be,
: for all practical purposes, immunodeficient?

This is a good point.  Mature B and T cells have large deletions in 
the Ig and TCR loci.  But what I wonder is what the proportion of B and T 
cells is to the other circulating leukocytes, which would not have 
rearranged (as far as we know) genomes.  Anybody got info on this?


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