conjugation in E. coli ?

Arne Mueller amuelle3 at
Sat Aug 26 12:32:39 EST 1995


I'm a student of biology in Germany an do some studies in recombination.
I've read in several literature that conjugation in E. coli works as follows:

1. ssDNA-break in donor ...
2. transfer of ssDNA with 5'-end to recipient ...

In an paper (from Sep 1994) I've read that you believe conjugation 
occures via dsDNA-break in donor (DNA: circular -> linear ) and transfer with 
3'-end at first! The recipient is a covalently closed chromosome that 
integrates the donor DNA via recombination.

Hm, which is the way E. coli proceeds conjugation? Is the "up-to-date
recombination-model" a double strand break-model?

If you can help me, please send me an email.

thnak you 



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