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Mon Aug 28 03:23:19 EST 1995

On 27 Aug 1995, dannie hawkins wrote:

> Mr Botta, yes I believe every word in the post or I would not have posted it.
> Obviously much thought was put into it, and you apparently took notice of the
> consequence IF this belief (or something similar) replaced today's artificial
> thought. That is what scares many people, the fear of natural hard-ships, etc.,
> and others fear losing their economic dreams, a soft life. The world-wide threat
> to white Aryan Kind is only one part of the problem. The major problem facing

The real Aryans are actually today's Pakistanis, not the pink-cheeked, 
blond, blue-eyed wonders who can afford a CompuServe account. 

Check out some history books.

Then go take this crap to alt.nazi.losers

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