HPLC profiles of sugars degradation

Christine Ladrat, Ifremer Brest PDG-DRO-EP cladrat at ifremer.fr
Fri Aug 25 04:06:20 EST 1995

I'm working on amylolytic activities 
from two archaebacteria. The analysis (by HPLC on Aminex
 HPX-42A column at 85°C eluted with water 0.6 ml/min) of the
 degradation of maltose, dextrins, amylose and starch by these activities
revealed an unknown product eluted at 19.56 min whereas sugars DP1 eluted 
at 17.2, DP2 at 15.2, DP3 at 13.8 etc...
This product has not been yet identified. Have you got an idea about this ?

Please contact Estelle Legin at email address : cladrat at ifremer.fr

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