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>I'm majoring in biochemistry and I would like to know what kind of jobs 
>out there. 
Lots of postdoctoral openings, but permanent (career or tenure) positions 
are becoming more difficult to find all the time.  With the uncertainty 
regarding government funding a major factor, and companies downsizing, 
right-sizing, and capsizing all the time, nobody wants to make long-term 
committments to employ someone.  I can't make any recommendations 
regarding what subspecialties will be in demand, but food science, 
bioanalytical, and process design and scale-up look pretty good right 
about now.  Of course, that could all change tomorrow, so you'll just 
have to base your decisions on what you enjoy doing most.  After all, 
you're going to spend about half of your waking hours at work, so you 
might as well enjoy it.
GLC - (PhD in Biochem, 1983)

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