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Tue Aug 29 13:47:00 EST 1995

Thank you so much I REALLY appreciate the posting.  If you're ever in San Diego, 
look me up
From:    Wolfgang Wuster <bss166 at> at Internet
Date:    8/29/95  11:43 AM

On 29 Aug 1995, Michael Gregory Abel, University of Tennessee wrote:

> On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, dannie hawkins wrote:
> > >From: "Coccia, Marco" <mcoccia at>
> > >To: ADruidson <71726.3204 at>
> > >Subject: Re[2]: LIFE DUTY DEATH
[profanity bobbitted]
> Marco,
>  Please stay off of the Internet, you don't seem to get the 
> concept either.  None of us want to read your hate filled rhetoric filled 
> with four letter words.  Your response makes you no better than Mr. 
> Hawkins......I have forwarded your message to the postmaster at your 
> online service....please go alt.rant.four.letter.words.genitals.bigotry 
> if you need an outlet.

Please do not complain to Marco's postmaster, and do not flame Marco. The
offending words were almost certainly written to Hawkins in a private
e-mail. Two reasons for believing this: first, Marco's words never 
appeared through the mailing list until quoted by Hawkins; second, note 
the To: header is addressed to ADruidson. This is the userid which 
Hawkins (if that is his real name) uses in private e-mail. I would appear 
that Marco was replying to a private e-mail to him by Hawkins/Druidson, 
and the latter saw fit to post it to the group. 

As far as the words used by Marco are concerned, they were presumably 
intended to be used at a level to which Hawkins/Druidson is accustomed, 
and were not intended as racial slurs in their own right.

If anyone wishes to complain, this should be done to the 
postmaster/sysadmin of CompuServe, who let Hawkins/Druidson loose on the 
net in the first place. 

Finally, let's take the fuel away from this thread by not responding any
further to Hawkins's trolling, this thread has *WAY* outlived its
usefulness. (Yes, I have heard the saying about people in glass 
houses...  ;-)

Wolfgang Wuster 

Thought for the day: If you see a light at the end of the tunnel,
it is probably a train coming your way.

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