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Tue Aug 29 13:45:09 EST 1995

Thanks Mike, however, as I hope you will shortly see, I DID NOT post my 
comments on the board, I sent them directly to the e-mail address of the asshole 
in question without permission of posting it publically.  Furthermore I do have 
that right don't I?  My mistake? thinking I was dealing with a somewhat 
reasonable person.
Your wrong I do get the internet, its mostly for cyber-nerds, radicals freaks, 
idiots, and people who like to play silly mind games with them instead of 
Sorry you were offended
From:    ,abel at ("Michael Gregory Abel, University of 
Tennessee") at Internet
Date:    8/29/95  11:29 AM

On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, dannie hawkins wrote:

> >From: "Coccia, Marco" <mcoccia at>
> >To: ADruidson <71726.3204 at>
> >Subject: Re[2]: LIFE DUTY DEATH
> >Well now you've really tipped your hand you sniveling racist shit I hope a
> >black Jew man fucks your wife and daughters and gives half black bastard 
> >children.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> What weird fantasies occupy space (plenty of that) the minds of some people. 
>                             _Earth Abides_
 Please stay off of the Internet, you don't seem to get the 
concept either.  None of us want to read your hate filled rhetoric filled 
with four letter words.  Your response makes you no better than Mr. 
Hawkins......I have forwarded your message to the postmaster at your 
online service....please go alt.rant.four.letter.words.genitals.bigotry 
if you need an outlet.

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