Care and feeding of bats.

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> Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 06:23:14 GMT
> Subject: Care and feeding of bats...
> I'm posting here for immediate lack of a better place.
> I just captured what appears to be a brown bat  (large variety)
> About 10g in weight. Mature I think. kinda the same size as a medium
> size mouse. I found it In my livingroom, on the floor chirpin' it's
> little bat head  off...
> Its' apparently not a very happy bat cause they (happy bats) fly
> around a lot and eat insects. However this ones not to keen on either
> at the moment, though it has quieted down and groomed itself a bit.
> It seems healthy though incapacitated physically. How and from what
> I am not sure. Yet. I spose I'll check the little bugger out in a
> while for obvious defects.
> I could use the following:
> 1). A few care and feeding tips for  insecivorus <sp?> chiroptera.
> 2). Some guidelines for Identfying the make and model of the little
>       bugger. It is approximately 10g in weight, 2 inches long, dark
>       brown fur, black wings 6"-8" span, and a face that looks not 
>       unlike a tiny bulldog with sharp pointed teeth.
> 3). In the event of a prolonged recovery, a suitable theraputic 
>       environment. (Vet, Zoo, Shelter or the like) in the greater
>       metropolitan area of chicago. 
> This is probably asking a lot for such a small bat. But I would really
> enjoy seeing it recover and live out its days eating insects in my
> yard. Any help is appreciated.
> Ken Leja
> torch at
> torch at

Bats are very nice animals, BUT, THEY ARE CARRIERS OF RABIES.
Any sick bat should be suspected of having rabies. Unlike
other, larger animals, they do not necessarily attack, or act
rabid or crazy. Sorry, but probably your bat should go to the
nearest public health office and be sacrificed (must be done)
and checked for rabies. I certainly hope it is not rabid,
because if it is you may need the treatment.
Associate Professor (Emeritus)
University of Virginia
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