Life Duty Death

Julie Locascio julie.cpc at
Wed Aug 30 14:24:46 EST 1995

They are Natural wars, territorial, ethnic, religious, etc.  Rwanda was a 
classic example of Natural war,>but the "civilized" world would not stand for 
it.  The same can be said about>Somalia, etc.  The war in Bosnia is a natural 
war that is no ones business but>theirs.  These wars should Always be left to 
take their natural course. They>serve a very good purpose in the evolutionary 

I think you are forgetting at least one important "natural" issue:  
international trade.  Large countries and communities like the U.S. and the 
European Community survive on high levels of international trade.  
International trade can be grossly impeded by even "local" wars, which cause 
refugee flight, resource destruction, and market disruptions.  There 
is no "local" war which could be fought to some "natural" conclusion without a 
rippling effect on its direct territorial neighbors (via refugee flight and 
resource destruction) AND on indirect trade neighbors (and trade links are 
very complex).  You can say what you like about the "naturalness" of violent 
conflict, but you are turning a blind eye to the fact that intervention in 
other people's wars is OFTEN motivated by economic self-interest and long-term 
security concerns, not humanitarian pity.

Human civilization is too complex to be so easily analyzed like that.  You 
talk as if you believe humans survive in a small geographic radius of a 
niche--we eat food, wear clothes, furnish our homes, have jobs, and drive/ride 
vehicles that all rely on materials imported from all over the world.  It is 
questionable whether there is any geographic locale outside of certain 
tropical ecosystems in which humans could survive in a very 
small radius, without the benefit of trade.  I simply do not understand how 
you believe that things that happen elsewhere in the globe are completely 
irrelevant to you.  No man is an island!

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