centiMorgans & physical distance: a question.

Keith Robison robison at nucleus.harvard.edu
Wed Aug 30 00:17:12 EST 1995

Teresa Binstock (binstoct at essex.UCHSC.edu) wrote:
:      Is the Gelehrter and Collins quote accurate? In other words,
: although not precisely linear, does physical length tend to
: correspond to centiMorgan length?

:      I would appreciate receiving comments, anecdotes, and citations
: that help answer my "centiMorgan versus physical-length" question.

Yes, they are correlated.  No, they are not relatable by
a simple equation (due to recombinational hotspots and coldspots).  
Perhaps the best data comes from yeast (Saccharomyces),
in which precise physical lengths are now available
due to complete genome sequencing.  

Most of the papers on yeast chromosome complete sequences have
compared the physical distances to the genetic maps
(citations available via http://genome-www.stanford.edu/).

A graphically-elegant but unfortunately underused display of such
comparisons can be found in:

	Chakravarti, A.  1991.  Genomics 11:219-222.
	A graphical representation of genetic and physical maps: The Marey map.

(alas, nor is this representation used for its original purpose -- timetables)
If you do a literature search on this author, I think you can find
some human physical vs. genetic map comparisons.


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