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>	EnviroAnalysis'96
>	Biennial Conference and Exhibition on
>	Chemical Measurement and Monitoring of the Environment
>	May 13-16, 1996
>	Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
>This first international biennial conference and exhibition is designed 
>to attract scientists, technologists and managers who are interested in 
>all aspects of all areas related to chemical measurement and monitoring 
>of the environment. Because the emphasis is on applied methods, the 
>meeting will be especially valuable to government, industrial, and 
>testing laboratory staff.
>The technical program will include verbal and poster presentations 
>in all areas of environmental analysis and monitoring such as sampling, 
>QA/QC, laboratory audits and accreditation, laboratory automation, 
>extraction and digestion techniques, separation and detection methods 
>and environmental reference materials. Also included will be sessions 
>specific to environmentally significant compounds such as PCBs, VOCs, 
>pesticides, dioxins, lead, BTEX, microorganisms, etc. The associated 
>exhibition will display the products and services of companies in the 
>environmental laboratory marketplace.
>Interested delegates and exhibitors should contact the 
>EnviroAnalysis'96 secretariat for registration forms and additional 
>details. Bound volumes of papers of all presentations will be provided 
>to delegates. The symposium co-chairs are Dr. Ray E. Clement, Ontario 
>Ministry of Environment and Energy and Dr. Robert Burk, Carleton 
>		EnviroAnalysis'96 Secretariat
>		Chemistry Department
>		Carleton University
>		1125 Colonel By Drive
>		Ottawa, Ontario
>		K1S 5B6 Canada
>		FAX: (613) 788-3749
>		e-mail:  rburk at ccs.carleton.ca  

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